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"Children are required to be in school, where their freedom is greatly restricted, far more than most adults would tolerate in their workplaces. In recent decades we’ve been compelling them to spend ever more time in this kind of setting, and there’s strong evidence that this is causing psychological damage to many of them. And as scientists have investigated how children naturally learn, they’ve realized that kids do so most deeply and fully, and with greatest enthusiasm, in conditions that are almost opposite to those of school….
Most people assume that the basic design of today’s schools emerged from scientific evidence about how children learn. But nothing could be further from the truth.
Schools as we know them today are a product of history, not research.

Research has shown that people of all ages learn best when they are self-motivated, pursuing answers to questions that reflect their personal interests and achieving goals that they’ve set for themselves. Under such conditions, learning is usually joyful.
The evidence for all of this is obvious to anyone who’s watched a child grow from infancy to school age. Through their own efforts, children figure out how to walk, run, jump, and climb. They learn from scratch their native language, and with that, they learn to assert their will, argue, amuse, annoy, befriend, charm, and ask questions.

They do all of this before anyone, in any systematic way, tries to teach them anything.
This amazing drive and capacity to learn does not turn itself off when children reach five or six. But we turn it off with our coercive system of schooling.”




I knew it





Fic where Bucky never fully remembers, he just goes by what he learns about James Barnes, watches the film reels, imitates his mannerisms, reads every biography, watches every biopic. He becomes so good at it, he almost fools Steve, who’ll bring up a memory, make an inside joke and look to Bucky for a reaction—“Remember that time when—”—except Bucky has nothing to react to







Somebody take my tablet away from me 

There was no better way to wake up in the morning. In his—their—bed was the love of his life, the woman he’d fought so hard to finally be with over the course of what seemed like countless centuries. Every day he wakes up to her siholuette in front of him. He watches the sunight paint her black hair & white skin with a warm, soft glow, a beauty that sometimes he thinks that only magic could create.

But she’s there. She’s always there & it will never stop being the best thing to wake up to.


The bright sun through the window is a little too much now so she’s forced to open her eyes. Snow pushes herself up from the comforts of her bed to run a hand through her long hair while rubbing an eye. Thinking that her husband is still fast asleep she tries to be careful to move in a sitting position. He’s anything but & sits up with her so he could pull her into his arms.

Bigby can never keep his hands off her. Feeling her smooth skin against his coursed hands, the way her silky hair falls over her shoulder like a satin sheet, she’s everything he never thought he would ever deserve. A treasure in his life that he’s cherishes along with the other little treasures she’s given him.

His lips brush against her skin as he nuzzles the crook of her neck to her shoulder, pulling a little giggle out of his wife.

"Well, good morning to you too." She responds with a hand reaching up to raking through his messy hair, scratching lightly at his scalp like she know he loves. "I take it you’ve slept well."

"Been getting the best rest I’ve had in a long time." A harsh truth, but now he’s greatful for it. "On the scale of one to ten, how sore are you?" Bigby asks with a smirk before his teeth just very gently nibble at her.

Snow can’t help but let out a sigh as she leans back into him, her eyes meeting his. “How many times are you going to ask me? Do you really need a perfomance review?” Bigby gives her skin a small bite. “Okay, okay…” Her lips purse while she pretends to mull over the thought. “An eight.”

He pulls back with a questioning look. “An eight.”

Her finger twirls a strand of hair as she nods. There’s joy in teasing her husband, she’s found. “You’re going to have to step your game up, Mr. Wolf if you— Ah!”

Suddenly she’s pushed back into the mattress with her hands held over her head in a swift movement as the wolf looms over her with a toothy grin.

"You know… I’m just not satisfied with that." He licks along her skin, teeth catching her earlobe, his hot breath sending a shiver down her spine.

Snow doesn’t fight back. How can she? Bigby is very good at persuasion, a skill he constantly uses to his advantage. “You’re the one who asked,” she sighs again, her eyes threatening to close.

"I say we have a do-over."

"But the children—" Snow’s cut off with a rough, yet loving kiss. Bigby presses his forehead against hers while his free hand smooths over her stomach, leaving goosebumps in its wake. "It’s the weekend so they can sleep in. Don’t need to know mom & dad are awake yet. So that means you have to be really… *really* quiet, Mrs. Wolf." It’s that voice similar to how he threatens someone but it’s much smoother, low & Snow always falls victim to that. Thankfully it’s enough to get her to smile against his lips as she returns his kiss.

Mornings don’t tend to always start like this - especially not with their children around - but when they do, the happily married couple are greatful for it.  






He designed this special shoes, shared between him and his paralyzed daughter just to make her feel the sensation of walking.


Oh my goodness

This is probably so good for her body, too! Imagine her muscles getting moved in ways they don’t normally and she is upright and hopefully not having any pressure spots! This is lovely in so many ways!

This is a wonderful invention, but the man in the picture is one of the testers. He is not the inventor. The inventor was an Israeli woman named Debby Elnatan who developed this with an Irish company for her son.

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